Womb Yoga combined with Menstrual Cycle Awareness is therapy for women's health and vitality.  It is a practice that enables each female to connect deeply within for healing, nourishment, vitality and creativity.  To connect to and honour the source of feminine intuition is immensely supportive for women's health and healing.

It is a joyful and nurturing practice that supports through all ages and stages, from menarche (first bleed) to menopause, whether you have a womb or not, whether you menstruate or not, the womb space energies are honoured.  The practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) enables us to come home to our self, to deeply know our self, to reconnect to our primal source, our immense power that is Shakti.

This practice can change the relationship she has with her monthly cycle by giving her access to her inner seasons.  When in tune with her cyclical nature, the menstrual cycle can become her greatest gift.  It can ease physical, emotional and mental symptoms associated with menstruation that may have occurred through feelings of embarrassment, shame and ridicule, helping to empower the female by releasing the stored emotions.

Womb Yoga is an amazing nurturing practice to help heal past traumas and abuse by releasing what is held within in a safe held space, to bring the woman back to her self.  She is welcomed back to her glorious divine feminine.

It can also give access to an abundance of healing tools to help guide a woman through her transitional years of peri-menopause and onwards.  During this time of inner energetic death and re-birth, the unknown is unbelievably unsettling, and the practice of womb yoga helps to keep the woman in a state of balance as she journey's onwards to become her most empowered self!

My women's only yoga class has returned and the circle is formed once more. Please see the classes page for details. I also offer private tuition in this method from my home or yours, or online via zoom. My training in this method was completed in 2020 with teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in Yoni Shakti Yoga / Well Woman Yoga Therapy. Please get in touch for further details.