I began practicing yoga about 30 years ago. It has always been part of my daily routine ever since. I was fascinated with how I felt after my practice, and still am now. It wasn't just the difference in my body, but the lightness and joy I felt in my mind, like a weight had been lifted. It is not just a form of exercise for me but a way of healing the body and mind. It has dramatically changed and improved my life over the years. With regular practice you will notice your physical body becoming stronger, your muscles toned, increased stamina, strength and flexibility, and on an emotional level, increased confidence, joy and happiness in your life. Spiritually, you may discover a connection to the divine (whatever that is to you) or be able to access parts of yourself that have been quiet and are ready to be heard.

I experienced a very debilitating illness several years ago where I could barely walk or leave the house for over a year. I had to stop my yoga practice during this time as the dizziness and vertigo I was experiencing was too strong. My saviour was a yoga retreat! With help and guidance from the teacher I was able to re-establish my yoga practice, little by little, and over weeks and months I became stronger, happier with an amazing sense of balance again.

This is when I decided to become a teacher. I just had to share this amazing way of life with anyone who was willing to learn and embrace the healing power of yoga into their lives. Now a mum to 10 year old twins, yoga helps me to keep a state of balance mentally, emotionally and physically which is very important because if I am calm and relaxed then generally so are my children! I like to then bring that environment into my classes, also with a sense of fun, as life is too short to be serious all the time.  I have now been teaching classes in and around Hereford for 14 years and as each year passes, I feel totally blessed to be part of my student's yoga experiences, witnessing the little miracles that can occur.

Enjoy your yoga journey




My qualifications are:

2009 Hatha Yoga Teacher  (BSY)

2010 Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Teacher  (BSY)

2020 Well Woman Yoga Therapist (IYN, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Yoni Shakti training)