Exploring The Chakra's
Yoga Retreat Day

Black Mountains Barns, Herefordshire

Sunday June 23rd 2019
10.30 - 5pm


My summer yoga retreat day will this time will have a special focus on the chakra system.  Chakra's are energy centers situated along the spine that help to coordinate energy for the system as a whole.  You can liken each one to a chamber where its useful to dwell some time to help it operate more effectively, and this can be done with breath work, intention and the postures we practice in yoga.

"a chakra is a chamber in the temple of the body that receives, assimilates, and transmits life force energy"

As each chakra receives and assimilates energy, it can sometimes gain a excess or deficient amount of energy which then needs to be balanced for full optimisation of energy flow within the system, and to balance the corresponding systems in the body, which can develop physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.  We will focus on each energy center from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, working our way gently through each one, bringing light, balance and healing through yoga during the morning session.

We are very lucky to have my lovely "yoga chef" Carole-Anna join us once more to provide a scrumptious lunch of healthy seasonal ingredients plus delicious cakes and treats.  Lunch is usually spaced out over a 90 minute or so period to enable you to relax and enjoy your food, without rushing or having to get back to work!  Feel welcome to bring a book to enjoy in the studio or under a tree if we are blessed with summer sun, or take a walk and enjoy the stunning views of the black mountains.

The venue is situated at the foothills and is surrounded by beautiful nature.  We are lucky enough to have use of the yoga barn, lounge, kitchen and garden for the day.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us, and after lunch we will venture outside to gather under the huge oak tree to be guided through a very grounding and uplifting meditation by my guest Mike Neville. Mike is a healer and spiritual mentor and works with people, teaching and focusing on empowerment and alignment of ones true purpose.  His knowledge and skills encompass reading and interpreting difficulties in human energy fields, as well as focusing on sacred geometry, the empowerment of the divine feminine, and the protection and development of children.

We will finish the day with a little walk and then a short restorative session so you leave the place feeling like you've had a complete rest, with a deeper connection to your wonderful subtle bodies, and the knowledge and tools of how to balance your systems when necessary.  We always have a cuppa and cake before leaving!

If you would like to join us for this day, please feel free to get n touch to book your place.  The cost is £60 per person, and a £30 deposit will secure your place.  If you have any questions just get in touch.  The day is suitable for all levels.