Spring Awakening Yoga Day

Black Mountains Barns, Herefordshire

Sunday March 29th 2020
10.30 - 5pm

This day we welcome Spring as the clocks move forward an hour into British Summer Time.  We will literally move out of hibernation by using the power of yoga to shake off the residual energy of winter, and will allow our buds to start blooming!

All aspects of yoga will be honoured:

Asana/movement to release our bodies of tension and stress.

Pranayama/breath control to invigorate, detoxify, energise and also calm and relax.

Mudra/hand gestures to stimulate reflex points/organs combined with breath work for powerful results.

Bandha/body locks to strenghthen and clear internally.

Savasana/relaxation for optimum restoration

Meditation for restoring your connection to yourself/nature/source.

Sound Healing for deep restful relaxation.

This day will be perfect for anyone needing time away from their usual routine, and the roles we all take on in life to keep everything going whether that be the family dynamic, work responsibilities, friendships etc.  We are all in dire need of becoming quiet, still, and present with our body, breath and mind.  Only then we can hear our internal whispers of encouragement and guidance.  Yoga is a tool for transformation when we allow it in.  A day like this invites the higher self forward so the ego can become quiet, or so that we can listen to our internal chatter without judgement and with more awareness.  When we are struggling with less anxiety, fear and stress we are able to receive more clarity in life which enables us to become more grounded, we are then able to make better choices that are in alignment with our chosen path.

A 2 hour wonderful physical practice will take place in the morning and will be suitable for all practitioners.  There is always an option to lighten or advance your practice depending on what your body needs in the moment.  There are no restrictions.

Lunch will follow and we have Carole-Anna cooking up  healthy nutritious vegetarian delights for us all!  All diets are catered for, and all the herbal teas and refreshments you require throughout the day are available.  Lunch isn't rushed so there's always space for book reading, walking and napping.  We will be blessed with views of the Black Mountains!

The afternoon session I have my wonderful guest and friend Zoe Mason.  Zoe is co-founder of Clear Space Studio's in Hereford, and she runs a transformative Moving Meditation Class on Friday mornings, as well as workshops and retreats around this method. She is also a holistic massage therapist and bodyworker, and is passionate about movement as medicine, having created heart felt and welcoming spaces through these practices.

Zoe is going to deliver a wonderful Crystal Singing Bowl Relaxation session for the group.  The rich sounds and vibrations of these amazing crystal singing bowls generate deep feelings of wellness, relaxation and stress relief that can lead the body to a place of homeostasis (all body systems in balance and restoration).  Zoe says this is so incredibly important in our now very busy modern lives which can leave us feeling stressed and tense.  We are bombarded by images, advertising, social media, stressful jobs, intricate family lives, and this relaxation will give you an opportunity to move out of this busy way of being and to drop into deep, restful relaxation.

We always have time at the end of the day for cake and tea before we leave, which is an important part of the process for you to ground and be fully in your body before driving home.

The cost per person is £65, and a £30 deposit will secure your place when you book, which you can do in reply to this email or if you see me at your usual class.

Please come back to me with any queries,

Warmest wishes

Kellie xx


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