Thank you so much to those of you who have shared such kind words about your yoga experience so far with me.....


"Thank you Kellie for sharing your wisdom of yoga, I have gained so much from you.  I love your yoga classes and retreat days.  A great teacher, a lovely lady, I wish you lots of happy and healthy classes and time ahead xx"  DM


"Great teacher, great lady.  Yoga is not a technique but a way of living.  Thank you Kellie for sharing your wisdom!"  KW


"Kellie is a wonderful yoga teacher - she listens to your needs and helps to put your body and mind back together! Lovely, calming and encouraging session, looking forward to more"  GW


"Kellie is the best!!  LOVE her classes, super encouraging and suitable for everyone...was really nervous to begin with, now CAN'T WAIT for my weekly class.  I always leave feeling so much more positive than when I arrived" SP


"Kellie's yoga classes are energising and relaxing, and also very addictive!"  MG


"Excellent instructor!  Have gained so much from attending Kellie's sessions!"  RR


"Many different reasons prompt individuals to seek the benefits of practicing yoga, for myself Kellie’s guidance has culminated in the cessation of years of enduring back pain. Establishing proper tuition is most important; having received the benefit of attending both group and individual classes with Kellie I have no hesitation in both endorsing and promoting her skills."  PB


"My first yoga session with Kellie was January 2017. It had been suggested that yoga would be beneficial for me and that my body as well as my mind would benefit. Due to my working hours (shift work) I felt that group lessons would not be suitable due to time constraints. I therefore chose to find someone that could provide me with private tuition. Kellie was able to help. My work involves physical upper body strength and in general along with my walking and swimming, I thought that I was physically fit and flexible. How wrong could I have been! Now just 12 sessions on my general movement has increased greatly and can now even sit cross legged without any discomfort. Kellie’s ability to adapt her teaching to suit your own requests/needs is outstanding and I would recommend wholeheartedly Kellie to anyone that may be considering one to one private yoga tuition. Yoga is a life skill and taught by Kellie it will enhance and enrich your life greatly as is something I know I will continue to practice for the rest of my life. Kellie is the lady that can help you achieve this. Remember, relax, enjoy, clear your mind. "  RJ